• Faculty are placed on the waitlist when their initial appointment is approved. Placement on the waitlist is determined according to the date that the offer (or retention commitment) is extended. Admission to the list will be based on the recommendation of the Dean, as approved by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel.
  • Faculty are placed on the waitlist based on the date of their appointment or retention. The timing of an opportunity to purchase a home will vary depending on their housing preferences and their decision to purchase at a given time. There is no preferential or exceptional placement on the waitlist.
  • Faculty who are on the West Campus Point (WCP) waitlist will also be included on the Ocean Walk at North Campus waitlist.
  • Faculty on the waitlist may indicate a preference for the type of home, the number of bedrooms, and/or other criteria. If they choose to specify a preference, they will be offered an opportunity to purchase only units that are consistent with their chosen preferences. They will not be offered available units that are not consistent with their preferences.
  • Faculty are offered a maximum of two opportunities to purchase units.  If two opportunities to purchase are declined, the individual will be removed from the waitlist.
  • Faculty on the waitlist are removed if they: 1) purchase in University-subsidized housing, 2) purchase a home on the private market, 3) ask to be removed, or 4) turn down two opportunities to purchase homes that fit their pre-stated preferences and ability to purchase.  
  • Additional information on the waitlist can be found at the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor.

For more information about the waitlist process, please contact the Academic Personnel office

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